We work across a broad mix of industries and clients delivering solutions through our nationwide network of partners

Here are some examples of the projects we have completed

PJ Roofe
Order Processing System
A completely bespoke system for managing order processing with Sage2SQL integration
Workflow Database
A custom management system for the processing of calibration and repairs with automatic email functionality
Foyle Fishmen's Coop
Traceability System
Custom system for traceability from trawler to shipping. Fully compliant with eLocate and the government SFPA database
Statistical Process Control
Custom program to monitor the weight of handmade chocolate to minimize giveaway
Laughtons of Louth
Herd Management System
Full cattle taceability and weight monitoring system with ear tag scanning and DEFRA data upload
Turkey System
Grading & Consignments
Database driven system for logging graded weighing, processing customer orders and providing management analysis
  • It was a pleasure to work with Archwood Systems on this project. With over 100 products calibrated every week plus goods in & out to manage it was important that the system was implemented into the company on time and as specified. Once installed it exceeded our expectations in terms of ease of use and streamlining our processes. Ongoing modifications to the system as we have identified new requirements have all been undertaken once again on schedule and on budget. David Ayling - CEO Straightpoint UK

  • you took our original concept of what we were seeking to achieve - our wish was to integrate our scales and invoicing system directly to our accounting software and in addition to produce computer generated invoices, labelling and traceability. The programme produced has met our needs and we have benefited greatly from this investment. As the request for data is ever growing, the system provides the information in an easy format. Peter Rudd - General Manager

  • having explored all possible applications this system was something I hadn't even considered. Having a partner with confidence and a vast knowledge of my particular area of business was very reassuring. All my questions were answered and the solution made sense and was, more importantly, understandable. Without this system we would have been frozen in time. Since installation we have been a BRC grade A supplier and going forward we are working on adding extra options to the system to ensure compatibility and compliance with the latest BRC requirement. Crawford Ewing - proprietor

  • We looked at a lot of off the shelf options when starting out on this project but the big advantage Archwood gave us was their ability to align the functionality of the software to our business needs. Their system has now become an integral part of our business ensuring we meet all the legislative and customer requirements on traceability while also helping us track sales. We have been able to add and develop functionality to the system as our needs have evolved. Conor McCourt - Operations Manager